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The Ultimate Fish Pie

We also produce 'The Ultimate Fish Pie' which we retail in a fishmonger, Fishy Business in Upminster, Essex and on any weeks that we are making these we are also able to offer them to clients locally, which we will post on our Social Media.

These are a fresh fish pie made with chunks of Halibut, King Prawn, Salmon, Cod and Smoked Haddock, in a creamy, cheesy sauce with spinach and topped with buttery mashed potato! £11.99 for 950g! A generous portion for 2.

Order via Contact Form, or call us.

Potato, Whole Milk (Milk) Fish Stock (Fish) Cream (Milk) King Prawns (Crustacean)
Salmon (Fish) Halibut (Fish) Cod (Fish) Smoked Haddock (Fish) Butter (Milk)
Flour (Wheat Flour) Spinach Mature Cheddar Cheese (Milk) Lemon Juice Parsley Bay Leaf Carrots Onion Sea Salt White Pepper.

Allergy Advice: For allergens please see list below and ingredient list.
- Wheat Flour (Gluten)
- Fish
- Crustacean
- Milk
- Mustard.

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