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Bespoke BBQ Experience

We also specialise in a unique BBQ ‘with a difference’. With our Bespoke BBQ Experience we offer a variety of Fish, Crustacean, Meat and Poultry as well as Special Dietary requirements all cooked on the BBQ for your party or even for an intimate dinner party.

Unlike your ‘usual’ BBQ we serve 3 courses, appetisers, mains finished with desserts and you can choose as many dishes as you would like on each course so there are lots of options for you. We like your guests to ‘graze’ through the afternoon/evening so that they can appreciate and enjoy each dish that you choose. The best part, no shopping, no prepping, no cooking!

We have our own gazebo and we will bring everything we need with us including lovely platters to serve all your delicious dishes leaving you to relax and enjoy your occasion. Our Bespoke BBQ menu caters for up to 50 guests and we can offer crockery and cutlery hire if required.

We also have our Bespoke BBQ Canape Style Menu which is particularly good for large numbers or if you just want to create a more informal ‘vibe’ and is perfect for a garden party It offers you some exciting and unique dishes without the need for crockery, cutlery and guests sitting down to eat. All our dishes are nicely presented on boards and are served to your guests, dish by dish over a couple of hours by our waitresses whilst they all enjoy the party.

We will advise you on waitresses for your event.

If there are any allergies, intolerances or diet restrictions, please let us know before choosing your menu so that we can work with these in mind.

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