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Bespoke BBQ Delivery Experience

For the BBQ enthusiasts we can also offer a Bespoke BBQ Delivery Experience. We will deliver your full chosen menu including Appetisers and Mains with Sides and Salads and also Desserts for you to host your own perfect BBQ.

We will do all the hard work for you including marinating the meat and fish and preparing it ready for you to finish off on your BBQ. No shopping, no prepping, no marinating, just cook, serve and enjoy. All meats and fish will arrive ‘vac packed’, prepared and in their marinade ready to go straight into the fridge, salads and sides prepared for you to simply put together and your desserts ready to serve.

If there are any allergies, intolerances or diet restrictions, please let us know before choosing your menu so that we can work with these in mind, we can cater for all.

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